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How do I know PainShield will work for me?

We know that every case is individual, but rest assured we want to make sure PainShield is right for you. Extensively tested by patients with various conditions, PainShield is safe to be used immediately after an injury or surgical procedure for healing and pain management, as well as after.

No reported side effects after usage
Checked for efficiency across clinical studies
Patient results analysis for various conditions

What have others
experienced with PainShield?

My Trigeminal Neuralgia pain is gone 100%. No surgery, no pain killers. Just brilliant use of the human integrity and mind.

Patient, 62 | UK

All i can say is go on, give PainShield a try. After six years, my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain has stopped. I've got my life back.

Patient, 42 | Middlesex, UK


What's the Science behind PainShield?

PainShield's surface acoustic waves are used to relieve pain and heal tissue internally, unlike electrical nerve stimulation devices which only masks the symptoms of pain.

Unlocking Relief through Bio-Physical Benefits

Cell Membrane Activity

Promotes the breaking down of nutrients in your body for accelerated healing


Stimulates the development of new, healthy blood vessels at the location of your pain

Accelerates Nitric Oxide

Expedites molecule production, increasing blood flow while your lowering blood pressure

Enzymatic Reactions

Promotes the breaking down of nutrients in your body for accelerated healing

Fibroblasts Proliferation

Replicates connective tissue cells that produce key molecules required for healing

Protein Secretion

Increases the number of proteins released from cells to aid in faster injury recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

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