Say goodbye to pain today.

All you need to get started.

Leave your pain behind and begin a new journey with our quick start PainShield at-home package.

Starter Kit

Your PainShield will come with complete instructions on usage and a total device package that includes your PainShield, a Charger, an Actuator and 30 Adhesive Patches.



Never run out.

Ditch the risk of running out; our PainShield refill kits have you covered with 30 new adhesive patches and a fresh actuator for each month.

Monthly Kit


3 Month Bundle Kit

Helping the UK out of lockdown with less pain than ever.

We know the pandemic has hit our community hard, so we're working to get innovative medical assistance to those who need it most by making PainShield even more affordable.

Access exclusive pricing and payment plans

If you work for the NHS or have a chronic condition listed as treatable with PainShield, you may qualify for discounts and broken-down payments.

For assistance, please fill in our contact form and one of our specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.